Turbine Parts

ATMAS provides Turbines Spare parts direct from manufacturing and OEM assuring 100% quality and performance. Our technical expertise allows our clients to be updated on the parts available for upgrades and existing replacements.

ATMAS provides high quality parts and repair services for gas turbines: Frame 5,6,7,9 for GE Turbine Family, Nuovo Pignone, Alstom, John Brown, Solar Auxiliaries.

ATMAS is associated with a number of mechanical workshops within the region, where repairs and refurbishments of turbine parts included Buckets, Lines TP's. nozzles , fuel Nozzles, Fuel nozzles calibration, and all accessory and consumable Parts.

Additionally, we specialize in Control Cards and Control Cards Repairs.OEM, a trustworthy quality assurance. ATMAS is associated with a number electronic workshops. Rotor Refurbishment and Zero Hour Rotor For Sales